5 Fun Bedroom Designs for Soccer fans

5 Fun Bedroom Designs for Soccer fans

So, your child has declared that soccer is officially their favorite thing. They want a soccer bedspread, soccer pillows, soccer lights – soccer everything. How do you design a themed childhood bedroom with style? How do you make it a place of fun and function while still being social media-worthy? Here are five fun bedroom designs for soccer fans to get your creative juices flowing!

1. Trendy & Modern Kids' Bedroom

This soccer-themed bedroom from Décor for Kids is unique and exciting while remaining welcoming and thoughtful! The headboard (the focal point of this room) was custom-made for the project and the mural behind it was purchased online.

2. Stylish & Beautiful Pre-Teen Room

This soccer-themed bedroom by the Toll Brothers ingeniously frames the bed with a net, making it a goal! A room like this will most definitely be a space your child shows off with pride.

3. Multi-Space Kids' Design

This soccer bedroom design breaks the room into two spaces by placing the bed above a cozy sitting area. Adeas Interior Design maximizes space in a small room with this practical layout. Additionally, the room has been kept simple, but the wallpaper adds a special touch!

4. Kickin' Kids' Space

This kid-friendly soccer room is happy and colorful while staying clean and organized. To keep costs low, the soccer ball murals can be hand-painted, the shelving and dressers bought from Ikea, and the artwork designed at home!

5. Simple Pre-Teen Bedroom

This bedroom design keeps things uncomplicated by incorporating removable art above the bed and soccer-themed pillows and window treatments. This space from Blenheim Homes is perfect for the fast-growing pre-teen who will eventually request a more “grown-up” design.

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