2024 Topps Match Attax UEFA Euro Cards

2024 Topps Match Attax UEFA Euro Cards

Take your trading cards to the next level with the first ever 2024 Topps Match Attax UEFA Euro Cards collection! These aren’t just your average trading cards; they offer a unique experience in the world of European football like you’ve never seen before. Full of exciting subsets and one-of-a-kind cards, this collection is packed full of your favourite teams and players. Watch out for European football legends like Zinedine Zidane, Cristiano Ronaldo, Franz Beckenbauer and Harry Kane.

There are a thrilling 457 cards to collect across categories including Golden Goalscorer, Hero, Legends, Centurion, 100 Club, Ultimate, and many more! Get ready for a bold range of parallels like Crystal, Emerald, and Sapphire. The selection of limited-edition cards are out of this world, with exclusive editions featuring top players like Jude Bellingham. Capture the thrill of victory with EURO Energy, Black Edge, Chrome Shield cards, and more! Also look out for the Ultra-Rare Career Celebration card featuring Cristiano Ronaldo.

Each unique card tells a story, whether it's a record-breaking performance or a world-class player. Start your 2024 Euro collection today and immerse yourself in the world of European football like never before!


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The 2024 Topps Match Attax UEFA Euro Cards collection is available online at SoccerCards.ca. You can pre-order the following items from the collection (in stock April 8th):

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  • Joanna Ouimet on

    The Euro 2024 Cup is coming up so I wanted the box and starter set already ordered them just waiting for the delivery today. I use to do the stickers as those were fun too!! I would recommend this website to any card soccer collector! Cheers!

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