2024 Olympics Women's Soccer

2024 Olympics Women's Soccer

The 2024 Olympics are just around the corner, and soccer fans are eagerly awaiting the women’s tournament where the best female players across the globe will come together to compete for Olympic glory. With the rise of women’s soccer in recent years, the 2024 Olympics are set to showcase an array of talented, powerhouse teams, each representing their country with pride. Held once every four years, the 2024 Olympics competition is something every athlete trains rigorously for at a chance of winning the gold medal for their country. The road to Olympic qualification is no easy battle and requires players to navigate regional qualifiers and difficult matches. With this year’s qualifiers concluded on April 9th, let’s take a look at the teams and players to watch out for in the upcoming 2024 Olympics Women’s Football Tournament this summer!


Twelve teams will go for gold at the Women's Olympic Football Tournament held in Paris this year. From the host of this year’s prestigious competition, France, to the reigning FIFA World Cup winners, Spain, the lineup of teams that have secured a coveted spot promise an exciting year of matches! Qualification for the Olympic Games has previously been decided by World Cup finishings, but this year saw a change to the qualification system and a new reliance on the UEFA Nations League results. It was decided that the top two finishing teams from the 2023/24 UEFA Women’s Nations League would go on to claim a spot at Paris 2024 - a fate which has now been confirmed for Europe’s top sides. A similar qualification system was then implemented for the American, Oceanic, Asian and African confederations. Through these qualifiers, teams go head-to-head to secure the limited number of spots allocated, with only the top performing nations earning the right to represent their countries. Powerhouse teams like USA, Germany, and Brazil are expected to be strong contenders for the gold medal. The qualifying teams for this year’s games are as follows:


Group A

  • France (Host Nation)
  • Columbia (Copa América Femenina semi-finalists)
  • Canada (Concacaf play-off winners)
  • New Zealand (OFC Women's Olympic Qualifying Tournament winner)

Group B

  • USA (Concacaf W Champions)
  • Zambia (CAF Women's Olympic Qualifying Tournament)
  • Germany (UEFA Women's Nations League third-place play-off winner)
  • Australia (AFC Women's Olympic Qualifying Tournament)

Group C

  • Spain (UEFA Women's Nations League finalist)
  • Japan (AFC Women's Olympic Qualifying Tournament)
  • Nigeria (CAF Women's Olympic Qualifying Tournament)
  • Brazil (Copa América Femenina semi-finalists)


Now that we know what teams made the cut, there are many players that stand out as ones to watch. Top players like Alex Morgan, Sam Kerr, and Marta are expected to shine on this year’s Olympic stage. These talented athletes have proven themselves countless times on both international and domestic levels. They have showcased their exceptional talent, skill and potential to impact the 2024 Olympic Games in a monumental way. Alex Morgan, for example, is a legendary goal-scorer in the world of soccer. Known for her speed and agility, Morgan has the leadership skills and experience necessary to take her team to Olympic glory. Another player to root for is pro striker on the Australia Women’s National Team, Sam Kerr. Kerr is known as being one of the best strikers in the world, capable of changing the course of a match with her goalscoring ability. Arguably, the best female soccer player of all time is none other than Marta. Her dedication to the Brazil National Team has granted her countless awards and titles in her professional career. Marta has won the honorable award of FIFA World Player of the Year six times, five of them being consecutive wins. She was also the first footballer, female or male, to score at five consecutive Olympic Games. We cannot wait to see these talented players compete for Olympic glory!


With top teams and players ready to showcase their skills on the world stage, the 2024 Olympics are sure to be a thrilling and memorable event for fans of the beautiful game. Get ready to cheer on your favourite teams in the 2024 Olympics with our wide selection of team merch!


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