2022 Topps Formula 1 Dynasty Cards

2022 Topps Formula 1 Dynasty Cards

If you’re looking for a premium card to add to your collection, then the Formula 1 Dynasty collection is the perfect choice. With the Topps Dynasty collection, Formula 1 fans can feel closer to their favorite driver with autographed cards featuring authentic memorabilia. If you’re on the hunt for a card that will make your fellow collectors go crazy, then these are the perfect option!

While there are a wide variety of cards within the collection, every card includes an autograph with memorabilia. Each box only contains one card, but that card could have a patch from your favorite drivers suit or suit zipper! All of the cards included in the collection are limited to 10 or less copies, making them extra special for collectors.

Continue reading to see the checklist for the 2022 Topps F1 Dynasty collection!

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Set Checklist

Dynasty Autographed Flag Patch

20 Cards

DAF-AA Alexander Albon /2

DAF-CL Charles Leclerc /2

DAF-CS Carlos Sainz /2

DAF-DR Daniel Ricciardo /2

DAF-EO Esteban Ocon /2

DAF-FA Fernando Alonso /2

DAF-GR George Russell /2

DAF-GZ Zhou Guanyu /2

DAF-KM Kevin Magnussen /2

DAF-LH Lewis Hamilton /2

DAF-LN Lando Norris /2

DAF-LS Lance Stroll /2

DAF-MS Mick Schumacher /2

DAF-MV Max Verstappen /2

DAF-NL Nicholas Latifi /2

DAF-PG Pierre Gasly /2

DAF-SP Sergio Perez /2

DAF-SV Sebastian Vettel /2

DAF-VB Valtteri Bottas /2

DAF-YT Yuki Tsunoda /2


Dynasty Autographed Jumbo Flag Patch

18 Cards – Numbered 1/1

DAFJP-CL Charles Leclerc 1/1

DAFJP-CS Carlos Sainz 1/1

DAFJP-DR Daniel Ricciardo 1/1

DAFJP-EO Esteban Ocon 1/1

DAFJP-FA Fernando Alonso 1/1

DAFJP-GR George Russell 1/1

DAFJP-GZ Zhou Guanyu 1/1

DAFJP-KM Kevin Magnussen 1/1

DAFJP-LH Lewis Hamilton 1/1

DAFJP-LN Lando Norris 1/1

DAFJP-LS Lance Stroll 1/1

DAFJP-MS Mick Schumacher 1/1

DAFJP-NL Nicholas Latifi 1/1

DAFJP-PG Pierre Gasly 1/1

DAFJP-SP Sergio Perez 1/1

DAFJP-SV Sebastian Vettel 1/1

DAFJP-VB Valtteri Bottas 1/1

DAFJP-YT Yuki Tsunoda 1/1


Dynasty Autographed Patch

95 Cards – Numbered #/10 or less

PARALLELS: Red #/5, Black #/2, Gold 1/1

DAP-AA Alexander Albon

DAP-AAI Alexander Albon

DAP-AAII Alexander Albon

DAP-AS Andreas Seidl

DAP-ASI Andreas Seidl

DAP-ASII Andreas Seidl

DAP-CH Christian Horner

DAP-CHI Christian Horner

DAP-CHII Christian Horner

DAP-CL Charles Leclerc

DAP-CLI Charles Leclerc

DAP-CLII Charles Leclerc

DAP-CS Carlos Sainz

DAP-CSI Carlos Sainz

DAP-CSII Carlos Sainz

DAP-DB Otmar Szafnauer

DAP-DBI Otmar Szafnauer

DAP-DBII Otmar Szafnauer

DAP-DR Daniel Ricciardo

DAP-DRI Daniel Ricciardo

DAP-DRII Daniel Ricciardo

DAP-DRIIII Daniel Ricciardo

DAP-EO Esteban Ocon

DAP-EOI Esteban Ocon

DAP-EOII Esteban Ocon

DAP-FA Fernando Alonso

DAP-FAI Fernando Alonso

DAP-FAII Fernando Alonso

DAP-FT Franz Tost

DAP-FTI Franz Tost

DAP-FTII Franz Tost

DAP-FV Frédéric Vasseur

DAP-FVI Frédéric Vasseur

DAP-FVII Frédéric Vasseur

DAP-GR George Russell

DAP-GRI George Russell

DAP-GRII George Russell

DAP-GS Guenther Steiner

DAP-GSI Guenther Steiner

DAP-GSII Guenther Steiner

DAP-GZ Zhou Guanyu

DAP-GZI Zhou Guanyu

DAP-GZII Zhou Guanyu

DAP-JC Jost Capito

DAP-JCI Jost Capito

DAP-JCII Jost Capito

DAP-KM Kevin Magnussen

DAP-KMI Kevin Magnussen

DAP-KMII Kevin Magnussen

DAP-LH Lewis Hamilton

DAP-LHI Lewis Hamilton

DAP-LHII Lewis Hamilton

DAP-LN Lando Norris

DAP-LNI Lando Norris

DAP-LNII Lando Norris

DAP-LNIIII Lando Norris

DAP-LS Lance Stroll

DAP-LSI Lance Stroll

DAP-LSII Lance Stroll

DAP-MB Mattia Binotto

DAP-MBI Mattia Binotto

DAP-MBII Mattia Binotto

DAP-MK Mike Krack

DAP-MKI Mike Krack

DAP-MKII Mike Krack

DAP-MS Mick Schumacher

DAP-MSI Mick Schumacher

DAP-MSII Mick Schumacher

DAP-MSIIII Mick Schumacher

DAP-MV Max Verstappen

DAP-MVI Max Verstappen

DAP-MVII Max Verstappen

DAP-MVIIII Max Verstappen

DAP-NL Nicholas Latifi

DAP-NLI Nicholas Latifi

DAP-NLII Nicholas Latifi

DAP-PG Pierre Gasly

DAP-PGI Pierre Gasly

DAP-PGII Pierre Gasly

DAP-SP Sergio Perez

DAP-SPI Sergio Perez

DAP-SPII Sergio Perez

DAP-SV Sebastian Vettel

DAP-SVI Sebastian Vettel

DAP-SVII Sebastian Vettel

DAP-SVIIII Sebastian Vettel

DAP-TW Toto Wolff

DAP-TWI Toto Wolff

DAP-TWII Toto Wolff

DAP-VB Valtteri Bottas

DAP-VBI Valtteri Bottas

DAP-VBII Valtteri Bottas

DAP-YT Yuki Tsunoda

DAP-YTI Yuki Tsunoda

DAP-YTII Yuki Tsunoda


Dynasty Constructor Team Dual Relic Autograph

10 Cards

PARALLELS: Red #/5, Gold 1/1

CTDRA-CL Charles Leclerc / Carlos Sainz

CTDRA-FA Fernando Alonso / Esteban Ocon

CTDRA-LH George Russell / Lewis Hamilton

CTDRA-LN Lando Norris / Daniel Ricciardo

CTDRA-MS Kevin Magnussen / Mick Schumacher

CTDRA-MV Max Verstappen / Sergio Perez

CTDRA-NL Alexander Albon / Nicholas Latifi

CTDRA-PG Pierre Gasly / Yuki Tsunoda

CTDRA-SV Lance Stroll / Sebastian Vettel

CTDRA-VB Valtteri Bottas / Zhou Guanyu


Dynasty Single-Driver Dual Relic Autograph

15 Cards, Numbered #/10 or less

PARALLELS: Red #/5, Back #/2, Gold 1/1

SDSRA-AA Alexander Albon

SDSRA-CL Charles Leclerc

SDSRA-DR Daniel Ricciardo

SDSRA-FA Fernando Alonso

SDSRA-GR George Russell

SDSRA-GZ Zhou Guanyu

SDSRA-KM Kevin Magnussen

SDSRA-LH Lewis Hamilton

SDSRA-LN Lando Norris

SDSRA-LS Lance Stroll

SDSRA-MS Mick Schumacher

SDSRA-MV Max Verstappen

SDSRA-NL Nicholas Latifi

SDSRA-SP Sergio Perez

SDSRA-SV Sebastian Vettel


Dynasty Single-Driver Triple Relic Autograph

72 Cards

PARALLELS: Red #/5, Black #/2, Gold 1/1

SDTRA-AA Alexander Albon

SDTRA-AAI Alexander Albon

SDTRA-AAII Alexander Albon

SDTRA-AS Andreas Seidl

SDTRA-ASI Andreas Seidl

SDTRA-CH Christian Horner

SDTRA-CHI Christian Horner

SDTRA-CL Charles Leclerc

SDTRA-CLI Charles Leclerc

SDTRA-CS Carlos Sainz

SDTRA-CSI Carlos Sainz

SDTRA-CSII Carlos Sainz

SDTRA-DB Otmar Szafnauer

SDTRA-DBI Otmar Szafnauer

SDTRA-DR Daniel Ricciardo

SDTRA-DRI Daniel Ricciardo

SDTRA-DRII Daniel Ricciardo

SDTRA-EO Esteban Ocon

SDTRA-EOI Esteban Ocon

SDTRA-EOII Esteban Ocon

SDTRA-FA Fernando Alonso

SDTRA-FAI Fernando Alonso

SDTRA-FT Franz Tost

SDTRA-FTI Franz Tost

SDTRA-FV Frédéric Vasseur

SDTRA-FVI Frédéric Vasseur

SDTRA-GR George Russell

SDTRA-GRI George Russell

SDTRA-GS Guenther Steiner

SDTRA-GSI Guenther Steiner

SDTRA-GZ Zhou Guanyu

SDTRA-GZI Zhou Guanyu

SDTRA-JC Jost Capito

SDTRA-JCI Jost Capito

SDTRA-KM Kevin Magnussen

SDTRA-KMI Kevin Magnussen


SDTRA-LH Lewis Hamilton

SDTRA-LHI Lewis Hamilton

SDTRA-LN Lando Norris

SDTRA-LNI Lando Norris

SDTRA-LNII Lando Norris

SDTRA-LS Lance Stroll

SDTRA-LSI Lance Stroll

SDTRA-LSII Lance Stroll

SDTRA-MB Mattia Binotto

SDTRA-MBI Mattia Binotto

SDTRA-MS Mick Schumacher

SDTRA-MSI Mick Schumacher

SDTRA-MV Max Verstappen

SDTRA-MVI Max Verstappen

SDTRA-MVII Max Verstappen

SDTRA-NL Nicholas Latifi

SDTRA-NLI Nicholas Latifi

SDTRA-NLII Nicholas Latifi

SDTRA-PG Pierre Gasly

SDTRA-PGI Pierre Gasly

SDTRA-PGII Pierre Gasly

SDTRA-SP Sergio Perez

SDTRA-SPI Sergio Perez

SDTRA-SPII Sergio Perez

SDTRA-SV Sebastian Vettel

SDTRA-SVI Sebastian Vettel

SDTRA-SVII Sebastian Vettel

SDTRA-TW Toto Wolff

SDTRA-TWI Toto Wolff

SDTRA-VB Valtteri Bottas

SDTRA-VBI Valtteri Bottas

SDTRA-VBII Valtteri Bottas

SDTRA-YT Yuki Tsunoda

SDTRA-YTI Yuki Tsunoda

SDTRA-YTII Yuki Tsunoda



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