2022-23 Card & Sticker Collections

2022-23 Card & Sticker Collections

Whenever the end of a year is upon us, it always feels good to reflect on the highlights that came with it. For us soccer fans, we get to look back on all of the match moments that made us laugh, smile, and cheer! For us collectors, we get to join in on that excitement while also flipping through the pages of our card and sticker albums from the past 12 months. Our bank accounts may be slightly smaller but seeing a completed sticker album outweighs that! Before the holidays fully take over our minds, let’s take a quick look at all of the 2022-23 collections that we were able to score this year!

2022 Panini Premier League Stickers

We started 2022 off strong with the highly anticipated Panini Premier League Sticker collection. The sticker collection features all of the 20 Premier League teams as well as celebrated Legends and ‘Next Gen’ stars of the beautiful game. This year’s stickers featured a shiny foil covered album and foil sticker packs, and for the first time ever including a full digital version of the collection. Packed full of facts and statistics, this was one incredible collection!

2022 Panini UEFA Women's Euro Stickers

Dedicated to the women’s game and supported by the increase in female players around the world, this collection celebrates women and features all of the teams that competed in England during the summer. Consisting of 366 stickers this jam-packed collection was a great way to celebrate women in soccer this year.

2022 Panini FIFA World Cup Adrenalyn Cards

A collection that was bolder and brighter than ever, the Panini World Cup card collection was a fantastic way to kick off the 2022 FIFA World Cup! This card collection allows you to build your dream team player by player while also collecting Rookies, Legends, Heroes, Titans, Top Masters, and Invincible cards! Specially for this tournament, Panini also included Contender cards for the teams that took part in the play-offs for the last few places available in the competition’s finals. This was a must-have collection and still is!

2022 Panini FIFA World Cup Stickers

The collection that everyone was waiting for! When the 2022 Panini FIFA World Cup sticker collection was finally released, collectors did everything they could to get their hands on them. Released only every 4 years, collectors of all ages came together to trade and complete their World Cup sticker albums.

This collection featured all 32 teams participating in the World Cup this year. Each team had their own spread of pages in the hardcover and softcover albums. Collectors can collect a total of 670 stickers with 18 base stickers, one team photo, and one team logo foil per team.

2022 Panini WWE Sticker Collection

When we all needed a break from soccer cards and stickers, Panini came out with their debut edition of their WWE sticker collection! With this collection WWE fans can find stickers of the most popular superstars from each of the three brands: Raw, SmackDown, and NXT 2.0/UK! You can look out for the biggest names in WWE, including legends of the past like Hulk Hogan and Undertaker, to the Rock and John Cena. Collect all 414 stickers and look out for a limited number of special foil stickers.

2022 Topps Formula 1 Turbo Attax Cards

Live life in the fast lane with this action-packed collection for Formula 1 fans. The Topps F1 Turbo Attax card collection features over 380 cards to collect plus more Limited Editions to be found. With categories including F1 Heroes, Live Action, Epic Moments, F1 Cars, and Record Breakers, Formula 1 fans do not want to miss out on this epic collection!

2022-23 Panini Premier League Adrenalyn XL Cards

Once all of the World Cup collecting action began to slow down, Panini released the Premier League Adrenalyn XL Card collection to keep collectors excited! Panini packed this collection with more game detail than ever, putting collectors at the heart of the Premier League.

The collection is packed full of the top talent from across the Premier League this 2022-23 season. Awesome new sets for this year include the white-hot Electric Pace cards, Golden Ballers, Excellence cards, Top Finishers, and World Class category cards.       

2022-23 Topps Match Attax UEFA Champions League Cards       

The 2022-23 Topps Match Attax UEFA Champions League Card collection came just in time to end the 2022 year off strong! With new and exciting cards to collect, the world’s biggest superstars from the UEFA Champions League, Europa League and Europa Conference League are featured.

Collectors must look out for all new Black Edge Edition cards, new Neon, Blue, Black, and Match Attax Master Limited Edition cards. Even better, the collection features Match Attax 15th Anniversary Heritage Cards, and New Genuine Autograph combo cards are up for grabs this year!


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