2016 Panini Euro Cup Adrenalyn Cards Now In!

2016 Panini Euro Cup Adrenalyn Cards Now In!

It’s finally here! Panini has officially started the Euro 2016 season with their Panini Adrenalyn XL Trading Cards collection (459 Cards in the Set). Of course, this also means it is the start to the fever that will last into the summer for collectors around the globe.

The cards launched a month before the Panini Euro 2016 Stickers which are due out at the end of March.  We will have the starters, stickers and albums for the 2016 Panini Euro at the end of March. It seems as though the pattern for Panini is to release the cards before the stickers for each collection.

2016 Panini Euro Adrenalyn is not going to be released in all countries.  Don’t worry as we have you covered with Starters, Boxes, Tins and Multi Packs!  We ship to all countries and offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders above $100.00.

General Info

Starter Pack: The beginning for every collector. A starter pack will include:

  • Empty binder to store your set
  • 2 Sealed Packs (18 Cards) to start the collection;
  • One Limited Edition cards
  • Game Board to play with your friends, face-to-face;
  • Game Rules

Multi Packs: Include 6 Packs (54 Cards) and grouped together, usually with a Limited Edition card included.

Tins: Metal boxes with 6 sealed packs inside and include one Limited Edition card inside. You can use them to store your doubles or extra cards.

The full collection can be viewed here!


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