2016-17 Topps Champions League Showcase Cards now available for pre-order!

2016-17 Topps Champions League Showcase Cards Now Available For Pre-Order!

Topps Champions League Showcase is back with its 2016-17 collection! This new collection will include fan’s favourite base set with fantastic on the field shots of players, along with rare insert cards that feature the best of the best of the Champions League.  The base card set includes biggest names in the league within four parallels: Gold (numbered sequentially), Red (25), Black (5), and Champions Parallels (1/1).

With the 2016-17 release, there are brand new additions of memorabilia and autograph memorabilia cards that focus on elite stars of the top leagues! The Autograph Memorabilia Cards features active league greats and superstars, while the Kits of Class showcases active player kits on oversized uniform swatches!

The insert cards are featured through three parallels with something that every fan will love. The Steadied Success Inserts feature football icons that are actively competing for the championship for Champions League. Champions Pedigree Inserts look at the league’s elite players and teams and their rise to winning the championship.  The Road to Victory Inserts provide a snapshot into Real Madrid’s 2015-16 win of the Champions League title!

Another fun and good-looking autograph option includes Champions League Autographs with many elements that are similar to base card design. The Touch of Class Autographs commemorate both the league’s active and retired legends, while the Champions Pairing Autographs pair players based on a common bond or theme.

SoccerCards.ca is happy to announce that the 2016-17 Topps Champions League Showcase Cards are available for pre-order! The collection will be made available through a 12-pack box with each pack including 6 cards and will be in stock on February 15th.  View the collection HERE.


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