Pre-Order 2020-21 Topps Formula 1 Dynasty Collection

Card collectors of all ages are starting their engines and getting ready to race to the stores as Topps rolls out its first-ever premium Formula 1 Racing trading card product: the 2020-21 Topps Dynasty Formula 1 Collection. Why the hype? This collection includes all of the excitement and drama of Formula 1 Racing in a neatly wrapped pack of trading cards.

The 2020-21 Topps Formula 1 Dynasty Collection features an assortment of highly collectible autographed relic cards, such as Dynasty Autographed Suit Zipper Relics, Dynasty Constructor Team Dual Autographed Relics, and Dynasty Triple Autographed Relic cards from all F1 drivers and team principals (the race team’s boss/general manager if you aren’t familiar with the term). The collection promises one premium encased autograph memorabilia card per box, numbered to ten copies or less, making this an exclusive and much sought-after purchase.

“This is a huge moment for us and something we are so excited to be part of,” stated David Leiner, Worldwide General Manager for Topps. “Everyone knows how exhilarating and exciting the sport of Formula 1 can be and we are delighted to be given the opportunity to bring the pinnacle of motorsport to a wider fanbase.”

As Topps switches gears to a new sport, is proud to offer the Topps Formula 1 Dynasty Collection. The cards won’t be in stock until February 17th but are available for pre-order now. Secure yours while you can, as with limited boxes available the collection is sure to sell out fast!

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